The Shinhotaka Ropeway Notification of precautionary measures for the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our Approach to COVID-19


In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, Shinhotaka Ropeway has implemented the following infection prevention measures to ensure both of our guests and employees health and safety, and to allow all visitors to enjoy our facilities with no worries;


🔸Countermeasures against the novel coronavirus infection

(1) Hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility.

(2) Guiding signs have been set to keep social distance upon purchasing tickets, at the boarding gate, and even in a queue at the casher of the shops.

(3) The shops and food counters are equipped with plastic sheets or partitions to prevent droplets in the air. And more, in order to prevent person-to-person contact, we use coin trays at the casher.

(4) All employees wear masks to face customers while working.

(5) In the facility, entrances, exits, and windows are opened for ventilation, and circulators are also used when necessary.

(6) The gondola will be operated with the windows open, except in rainy weather, to allow for better ventilation.

(7) The maximum number of passengers on the ropeway will be reduced for the time being.

(8) All passengers are asked to sanitize their hands before boarding the gondola.

(9) The handrails and straps in the gondolas and common areas in the station building are periodically disinfected with alcohol.

(10) The doors and windows of the shops and restaurants are kept opening for ventilation.

(11) The restaurants operate with the reduced number of the seats to keep distance between customers, while they are arranged to not customers seated facing each other.

(12) The facilities and its equipment are regularly disinfected with alcohol.

(13) Limited number of people are allowed to use the Kamitakara-no-yu, a hot spring.

(14) Depending on the number of visitors on the day, the numbered tickets shall be used to determine the order of the gondola ride. We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation in this case.


🔸Requests for our guests


(1) Please wear a mask and sanitize your hands while you are in our facilities.

(2) If you have symptoms of fever or cough, please refrain from visiting until you get better.

(3) Please keep a certain distance at the ticket vending machines, at the ticket window and in the waiting room.

(4) Although the number of passengers in the gondola is limited to half the capacity, loud conversations are discouraged in the cabin.

(5) We kindly request visitors’ understanding regarding any inconvenience as we take precautionary measures exhaustively in our facilities.


🔸Precautionary measures taken by our staff members


(1) Measuring body temperature before coming to work.

Reporting body temperature and physical condition upon arriving at work as well as checking each other’s physical condition.

(2) Washing hands, gargle, sanitizing hands, and wearing masks.

(3) Adjusting to a “new way of life” and avoiding the “3Cs (Crowded places, Closed spaces, and Close-contact settings).


Thank you.