Facility introduction

Shinhotaka ropeway map

Shinhotaka ropeway map Shinhotaka Onsen station Nabedaira Kogen station Shirakabadaira station Nishihotakaguchi station Nabedaira Kogen Shinhotaka Visitor Center Sangakukan Kamitakaranoyu Spa parking parking Itadakinomori

Nabedaira Kogen
highland(Elevation: 1,305m)

Nabedaira Kogen highland

Soothe your body and spirit ay Shinhotaka visitor center “Sangakukan”, the 100% natural, pure hot spring, the splendid strolling trails, and mountain weed yard, etc.


Shinhotaka Visitor Center“Sangakukan” mansion

Shinhotaka Visitor Center “Sangakukan” mansion

Providing information about Hida Mountains for fruitful learning about nature of Okuhida.
There are also events like guided walks and snowshoes tours.


100% pure,
natural open hot spring
hot spring”

“Kamitakaranoyu hot spring”

Kamitakaranoyu hot spring is a open bath at Sangakukan.
It’s a 100% pure natural hot spring with 2 baths for both ladies and gentlemen.The water temperature is rather high so there are adjustments using natural drinking water.

The hot spring only consist of an open bath, so no soap and shampoo is allowed. We appreciate your understanding.

Business hours 9:30am – 3:30pm
(last admission- 3:00pm)Subject to changes in different seasons
Usage fee Adult ¥600, children ¥400Hot spring tax is included
Towels for sales face towel JPY 200,
bath towel JPY 410

Natural strolling trail(Nature trail)

Natural strolling trail(Nature trail)

A 2.3km long natural strolling trail at Nabedaira Kogen highland.
It is a snowshoe hiking course in winter.
A relaxing stroll in the woods is absolutely mind refreshing.
You can also learn about the plants in your journey.