Basic information

Do you have closing days? Or closing period in any seasons?

We open throughout the year so please come and visit us in any seasons of the year.
Yet, be mindful that we have 1-2 closing days in a year for maintenance.

Does the ropeway close on certain days?

Our ropeway may need to close for strong wind and safety even on sunny days. Please check our operation schedule on our website.

Is Wi-Fi available?

We have Wi-Fi. Please feel free to enjoy Wi-Fi Internet connection with your smartphone, tablets, or other Wi-Fi connecting devices.

[Wi-Fi hotspots]

Shinhotaka Onsen station, Nabedaira Kogen station, Shirakabadaira station, Nishihotakaguchi station.

[How to use]

SSID (passcode) and password are required. You may find the information display in our facilities.


Can I drive there from Takayama town? How much time is needed?

Head to the Hiranoyu direction from Takayama town through national route 158, 471, and prefectural route 475.
It takes around 70 minutes. Please check our access map and driving map.

Are there any points to note when I drive in winter?

Winter gear such as studless tires are necessary as we are in a snowy region. Normally, there are snow from mid-November to early April.

Parking lot

Please tell me how I can get to the Nabedaira parking lot.

Please check the detailed access route to Ropeway No. 2 & Nabedaira parking lot here- (PDF download/ 345KB).


Are there any age or illness limitations?

We do not have any specific limitations but please consult your doctors for worries about your own health conditions and diseases.
Please be mindful to changes of pressure as the journey includes movements to highlands within a short period of time.


Where are bathrooms located?

There are bathrooms in all ropeway stations.
Please be mindful that the bathrooms at Nishihotakaguchi station may be closed for water-saving in winter.

Are diapers changing rooms and nursery rooms avaialble?

[Diapers changing rooms]

are avaialble in the bathrooms in Shinhotaka Onsen station, Shirakabadaira station, Nishihotakaguchi station.

[Nursery room]

available at Shirakabadaira station.
There is also a first aid room at Nishihotakaguchi station available for breastfeeding. Please do not hesitate to contact our staff for usage.


Can I pick rare mountain weeds and beautiful flowers when I see them?

Our facility is located inside Chubu Mountains National Park. For nature protection, please refrain from picking any plants.