Facility introduction

Shinhotaka ropeway map

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Shinhotaka Onsen
station(Elevation: 1,117m)


A 2-storey station complex with a handicapped accessible 1st floor, an elevator and a stairs lift connected to the platform on the 2nd floor.
Wheelchair user friendly.



Bathrooms (handicapped accessible),
coin lockers, elevator, foot spa

Café & snack “Kasagatake”

Café & snack “Kasagatake”

A café on the 1st floor of Shinhotaka Onsen station.
Its wasabi soft serve is very popular.
Soft drinks and snacks are also available.
Feel free to come and have a break. (35 seats)

Menu (partial introduction)

Hida beef croquette
… ¥290
Wild vegetable udon
… ¥750
Curry and rice
… ¥800
Wild vegetable soba
… ¥750
Beef rice
… ¥410
Beef tendon ramen
… ¥900
Wasabi soft ice cream
… ¥410
Stamina bowl
… ¥850

※There is a possibility that some products may not be sold depending on the season.
※All menus include tax.  ※The above prices are food and drink prices.

Shinhotaka Onsen
Station Shop

Shinhotaka Onsen Station Shop

Lots of ropeway exclusive products such as Hida local liquors, Shinshu wines, and Hida Mountains specialties. Don’t forget “Meshinosai” processed from mother wood ear mushroom, a very popular exclusive item!

※There is a possibility that some products may not be sold depending on the season

Shinhotaka Onsen
Foot bath


An ashiyu foot bath at the entrance of Shinhotaka Onsen station, which is 100% natural.
Come and be amazed!


PShinhotaka Onsen parking lot

  • 1-5 mins walk to Ropeway No.1.
  • No bathrooms in the car park, please use the ones at the ropeway facility complex.
    Be mindful that bathrooms are open only during the operation hours of our facilities.
Shinhotaka Onsen
parking lot
No. of parking lots Car type Parking fee
(tax included)
230 vehicles Automobile ¥600/6hrs
bus ¥2,300/6hrs