Facility introduction

Shinhotaka ropeway map

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Nishihotakaguchi station(Elevation: 2,156m)

Nishihotakaguchi station

Station on 1st-2nd floor, stores on the 3rd, a restaurant on the 4th, and an observatory on the 5th (roof).
An elevator is also available for wheelchair users.



Bathrooms (handicapped accessible), elevator,
first aid room (breastfeeding)

Nishihotakaguchi station


An observatory deck on the roof of Nishihotakaguchi station. Take in the 360 degrees panoramic views of Hida Mountains including Mt. Nishihotaka, Yarigatake, and Kasagatake.
The view from here is featured on the Michelin Green Guide Japon with 2stars.

Yamabiko Post

Yamabiko Post

The highest post in Japan with delivery service throughout the year.
What about posting a postcard as your great memory?


Sengokuenchi field

Sengokuenchi field

A wide field outside Nishihotakaguchi station.
With a strolling trail in woods, and a lot of splendid flowers, highland plants, and mountain weeds to see from may to October.
In winter, it is a huge, snowy walkway.
“Snowy walkway” in wintertime! :) A dream-like snowy maze to indulge!


Grab-and-goCafé Peak's

「Cafe Peak's」カフェ・ピークス

A coffee shop at the entrance of the observatory deck of the peak station.
Serving more than just a nice coffee sip with quality coffee beans from Guatemala.
Come, and luxuriate in the breathtaking view at the observation deck.


Café & Snack “Mount View”

Café & Snack “Mount View”

The restaurant on the 4th floor of Nishihotakaguchi station complex.


Menu (partial introduction)

Beef skewer
… ¥820
Hida beef curry
… ¥1,100
… ¥730
Unkai Udon/Soba
… ¥800
Cremia soft ice cream
… ¥610
… ¥550
Hida beef croquette
… ¥260
Hida beef rice
… ¥410

※There is a possibility that some products may not be sold depending on the season.
※All menus include tax.  ※The above prices are food and drink prices.

Nishihotakaguchi souvenir store

Nishihotakaguchi souvenir store.

The souvenir store on the 3rd floor of Nishihotakaguchi station complex.
With a wide selection of souvenir and memory-creating items, all are exclusive at this peak station with 2,156m altitude. Just pick your snack, postcards, and traditional handcrafts here.