Facility introduction

Shinhotaka ropeway map

Shinhotaka ropeway map Shinhotaka Onsen station Nabedaira Kogen station Shirakabadaira station Nishihotakaguchi station Nabedaira Kogen Shinhotaka Visitor Center Sangakukan Kamitakaranoyu Onsen parking parking

station(Elevation: 1,308m)

Shirakabadaira station

A 2-storey station complex.
With an exclusive slope connecting Nabedaira Kogen station and Shirakabadaira station for transit to Ropeway No. 2, wheelchair user friendly.



Bathrooms (handicapped accessible),
elevator, 790 parking lots

foot spa

Shirakabadaira station foot spa.

An ashiyu foot spa in front of Shirakabadaira station.
Take in a relaxing, refreshing view of Ropeway No.2, or grasp some nice food and bread at the store, which is highly advisable as well.


Alps Bakery

Alps Bakery

A bakery on the 2nd floor of Shirakabadaira station serving freshly baked selections like croissants- the crispy and most popular item.
Also try out the popular highland milk, just warm you stomach here!


Menu (partial introduction)

… ¥450
Coffee (S)
… ¥400
Chocolate Croissant
… ¥300
Tomato Mozzarella
… ¥320
Cafe Latte
… ¥450
Anko Croissant
… ¥300
… ¥450
… ¥400

※There is a possibility that some products may not be sold depending on the season.
※All menus include tax. The above prices are food and drink prices.


Panorama grab-and-go.

Try out our popular items- the savory soft serve,
Hida beef croquette, and curry bread!

Be mindful that some items may not be available in certain period.


The highland gallery,“Hida’s Wind

The highland gallery,“Hida’s Wind (Hidanokaze)”

A gallery with artworks and handcrafts portraying classic Hida and the nature of Alps.It is also open for rental.